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Friday, April 25, 2008

We've been trying to make the most of this summer by going swimming at leaset once a week. The best place to go swimming right now is Taramati Baradari at Gandipet. The charge is 100 rupees for an hour (they're lenient with the timing).

This may seem expensive to some but this suits us perfectly. How? Well.. I only get a chance to go swimming once a week. So 4 weeks a month means I pay 400 rupees. However, other options like Gachibowli stadium charge you 500 rupees a month. So if you can go there 6 times or more, then the Gachibowli option is better.

Too confusing? Read it again.


Anyhow, its Saturday today and I'm looking forward to it again. Just make sure you call them before going because the pool was closed last week because of some festival. Also, if they have parties, the pool can get really crowded, which means its no fun to swim.

Unless swimming in crowded pools it your thing, I strongly recommend that you don't go.

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