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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hyderabad's been seeing some really nice weather off late. The cloud cover was so dense and low it seemed like you could touch it. I took this picture using my phone on my way back from work.

Also, today, me and good buddy MMA will be heading off to Machlipatnam. The planning (or execution) of this trip hasn't been smooth so far. We were gonna leave last weekend but had to change plans due to an emergency.

Yesterday, I sat down to book our tickets and went to the shitty railways website. I'm told I should be thankful there even is a website. Duh in the 21st century. Anyhow, I managed to book our tickets from Hyderabad to Machlipatnam. And I had to keep logging in and keep searching repeatedly to do this.

Then, while trying to book our return tickets the website acted up. And conveniently so for the stupid railways dept I might add. Because they took the money out of my bank account but never issued a ticket. A few panic filled moments and phone calls later, I was informed that the tickets never got booked and I should expect an automatic refund, which seems oxy'moronic' when it comes to the railways where everything is achieved with copious amounts of drudgery.

So we've decided we'll just take a bus to return. Here's to hoping the trip is worth it and I get the refund.

Last, I wanted to talk about the Turkey-Germany game. It was a fun match to watch with 5 goals scored in total. However, Turkey lost. Though I like a lot of things about Turkey, never really was a fan of their team until I saw their game against Croatia. Just that I always like to support the underdog. It makes the match more fun to watch. Never the less, Turkey lost, though they were the first one's to score. I would have dozed off, but the Red Bull seemed to have done its magic.

So that's that. I hope to write about my Machlipatnam trip next.

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Check this out. Some insight in to the world we live in.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a game it was yesterday (or today considering we stayed up till 3am). It was an awesome contest from the beginning with Russia dominating the game. Very impressive especially when it was against the Netherlands, who beat the likes of Italy and France to qualify.

I won't include a review of the game, which can be had here. However, I did want to mention that if there's something more fun than watching a good game, it's watching a good game with friends/family. In this case, it was all of my cousins.

When they arrived, I insisted that everyone pick sides to make the game more interesting. We were 6 people with 3 people supporting a team each. However, in the end, two of them conveniently levitated to the Russian side (which was us). Except for one cousin, who was distraught even at breakfast time because the Dutch lost. Everyone else had a terrific time and enjoyed a wonderful game.

Russia look set to impress. They're peaking at just the right time.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tata Indicom Broadband recently slashed the rates for their postpaid plans. I've been using their connection for a while and its very good. Their customer service is responsive. The connection speeds are terrific.

I used to pay 600 rupees for a 128KBPs connection. Now I'm paying 1,100 for 384 KBPS. That's 4 times the speed for about 2 times the cost. Now I can enjoy sites like Youtube. If you can't stream and view Youtube videos, you're missing out!

I say scrap your old connection and get this new one from Tata. Go for it!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Went to Nagarjuna sagar last weekend. The trip was fun and lively from the get go. We went by car and FD was driving. Me, my siblings, and good mate MMA were enjoying the scenery. I must admit, it was a bit cramped in our little Alto, but the scenery and road made up for it.

I'm pleased to say that even though the roads in the city are quite shitty, (wow, that actually rhymes!) The highway was a different story. Except for a few 'Stunt master 2000' moments thanks to FD, the ride was pretty smooth.

At Nagarjuna Sagar, there was a relative of ours who insisted that we drop by before embarking on any further adventures. We were treated to a sumptuous breakfast, and we ate our fill, though we'd already eaten at Ibrahimpatnam.

Their place had a splendid view and was right by the lake. A true lakeview home, if there ever was one. We went and played in the water for a while, but just saved ourselves from the temptation of a full dip as there was more to come.

We then headed towards the waterfalls, whose name rhymes with Ethiopia. There we paid 15 bucks per person to go in, only to find out that we get a crummy view of the waterfall, when we could be experiencing the real thing for free!

We promptly exited rip-off place a.k.a known as AP tourism structure and went for a short trek to the falls. The heat wasn't helping, as we were tired and sweating by the time we got to the falls, which made the water even more tempting. We changed quickly and went slowly in to the water, slipping and hurting ourselves a few times. I think almost everyone fell once except FD who got in and got out real quick.

We played in the water for 2 and half hours.

It was fun.

We then got out, changed, headed back to our relatives place. Had a delicious lunch. Rested for a while. Then to took the long drive back to Hyderabad. I loved the road so I insisted on driving on the way back. I enjoyed every moment of it. We were back in Hyderabad by evening time. We dropped off MMA and went straight to home. Had ourselves a nice dinner and hit the sack.

A Saturday well spent. The coming week it'll be Machlipatnam. Stay tuned for my post on that one.

P.S: MMA was freaking out because he thought he'd lost his phone. We managed to find it only after coming back to Hyderabad. Talk about a tension filled return trip. And don't even ask where it managed to hide itself.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

I finally got one of these beauties! I'm loving every moment of it. I gotta say this phone is WAAAY ahead of its time. Some of the features are just mind blowing. The browser is top class. I'm seriously considering buying a wireless router so I can use this thing anywhere in my house. It's simply awesome!

You've probably read a lot about the features, so I'll just talk about the pricing. Buying an unlocked piece locally would've cost me 20,000 rupees. And I found out that a piece in the US costs 399 USD add to that federal taxes and this thing costs 432 dollars (That's about 18,200 rupees) A good enough difference for you to ask someone to bring it for you.

I unlocked it myself (with some help from a friend) it was a simple one-click step. No sweat! If you're thinking of spending something in the range of 15,000 rupees for a cell phone, then I definitely recommend that you put in a little extra and get this phone. You won't regret it.

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I must begin by saying I'm really bummed out that Deccan Chargers couldn't make it to the semis. I hoped in vain that Afridi would fire in at least one game but he was a lost investment.

Now with two very one-sided games in the semis, the final is upon us. I've always said that Chennai would make it to the final. People were in doubt because they forgot that half way through the tournament, Chennai was the only undefeated side. But their second half wasn't that successful.

You'd expect that Delhi and Punjab would give us a powerful performance, given they worked really hard to make it to the semis. But their class never exceeded that of the local galli team that plays in my neighborhood.

So we now have the finals, with Rajasthan who go in as the clear favorites. But Chennai is always out to surprise. Besides, he's proven beyond doubt that he's more worthy of the captaincy of the National side when compared to Yuvraj, who was thoroughly outplayed.

So how's it gonna be? Will Rajasthan just charge through, with their unstoppable momentum, or will we have another semis-style one-sided game where the Chennai Super Kings have the Rajasthan Royals for dinner?

Time will tell, but I'm sure damn looking forward to it. If only the stupid organizers had scheduled the match in the afternoon instead of the evening so I wouldn't have to stay up late on a Sunday.

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