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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If you're a Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat fan like I am, then you're gonna love this video.

I gotta admit this video seems much better than the original game. How do they make these videos? Synchronizing characters from two different games and making it look all so real. It just beats me.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes we hurt those we love the most. We don't listen to those who have our best interest at heart. We let our egos govern our actions. We argue, we shout, we accuse, we chastise but we fail to do the one thing that is most important. That is, shut up and listen.

It's frustrating when the one before you fails to see your point of view but its also frustrating later on when you realize you werent seeing their point of view either. It's so easy to be angry and let it all out. Feel the momentary 'pleasure' of letting out your frustrations. But in most cases you end up with regret and that momentary feeling of power and authority vanishes.

Is there a remedy to this? Will we ever find a cure for anger? Isn't anger the disease killing millions around the world today? It's amazing how humanity is working hard to find a cure for cancer/AIDS but we aren't working to find a cure for anger.

Is there even a cure?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Check this crazy video 'someone' I know made. It was made in two days.

Looks like the disguised unemployment rate jumped up a percentage point!

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For once, I found something of meaning and substance on rediff. To put it simply, the 36million residents of California consume more fuel than the entire nation of India.

I'm flabbergasted. Is it just me or is anti-Americanism coming in to fashion or what?

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Most people can divide their lives in to phases. These phases can be based on the place they lived, their education, the group of friends they hung out with etc.

What if you could choose to go back and re-live one of these phases? Which one would you choose?

Of course, you won't carry the knowledge of the present with you, because then you could become a billionaire. Not to mention the many mistakes you'd undo.

So decide... do you want to go back or do you think your present phase is your best?

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our idea of a movie marathon: Watch as many as you can in a 24hr period.

We managed to watch 2.

We spent the rest of the day, sleeping, eating, planning, and plain shit doing nothing.

We watched Saw (I) and The Pursuit of Happyness. I'd already seen those movies ages ago but watching them with someone who hasn't makes it fun.

We thought Saw (I) was ok, but TPoH was amazing. One of Will Smith's all-time best performances so far.

Also, just noticed that's four sentences I began with the word 'We.' I'm such a people's person aren't I


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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've finally been able to gather the energy (and willingness) to write this post about my trip to Machlipatnam. So like I mentioned in my last post, the omens weren't that good and boy did this trip turn out to be a lesson in mismanagement.

So, I book the tickets through the railways website and there aren't any available tickets to Machlipatnam. I look at the routing chart and find a couple of stops ahead of (or so I thought) Machlipatnam. It was simple, just get off at Machlipatnam. I was willing to pay more just to get the tickets. Lo and behold! There are available tickets and I quickly proceed to book them. At this point I'd like to mention that I think the railways has the shittiest website on the planet for a service of this magnitude.

I had to search, and search again dozens of times simply to find the right train, route, fare etc. And if that's not bad enough, it gets worse. While booking my return tickets, the site times out right after they take the payment out of my bank account. How convenient!

Though I mentioned all of this in my previous post, I'm writing it again to get all the frustration out of my system. Ahhhh. That feels better. In retrospect, it was better that we didn't get the return tickets because we simply took an A/C bus on our way back, which cost less and was comfortable.

Now, on to the trip. We wake up at 5:15am to learn that out train will never, in the near or far future, ever go to Machlipatnam with us in it. So we got down at this town called Maneguru (MMA has this really funny way of pronouncing it). We go to the bus stand and find out that there is no bus from this little town to Maneguru. But yes, there is a bus to Thiruvur, wherefrom we could board another bus to Machlipatnam. Fare enough, no pun intended.

We hopped on and got to Thiruvur in about an hour. We had breakfast, roamed the town a bit, rested ourselves.. and waited for the bus to Machlipatnam. The bus arrived at 9:30am. We boarded it and off we were.

The journey wasn't eventful. We reached our destination at 1:30pm. The first (smart) thing we did was to find out when the bus to Hyderabad leaves. Turns out, there's quite a few of them with the last one (A/C bus) leaving at 11:00pm. We were starving, so we asked a couple of locals and found this decent enough place that served good non-veg food. Veg was simply inadequate at that point. No offense intended to any of your veggies out there, and if you love non-veg you know what I mean ;-)

After treating ourselves to some tasty biryani and washing it down with drinks (non alcoholic if you ask) we headed straight to the beach. Lots of autos headed that way. Guy charged us 50 rupees to take us there.

When we finally got there, we could spot the waves from a distance. The first thing we noticed about the place was that there weren't many people there, which was surprising. I mean, here's probably the closest beach to Hyderabad and no one's interested in coming here. Anyhow, we walked towards the water and we could hear the sounds of the waves as we drew close.

I, for one, think that the sound of the waves hitting the shore is one of the most soothing sounds you can hear. We got close to the water and walked a short distance. We wanted to find an isolated spot where we could keep our bags and not worry about them. Finding such a place, we marched onwards to hopelessly challenge the might of the sea. And mighty it is.

I've literally been tossed about by the waves like a little baby and the feeling is at once enjoyable and intimidating. Words cannot describe the might, power, and endlessness of the seas and oceans. Those sailors who ventured out in to the oceans, not knowing where they were headed are truly brave souls.

We played in the water for a while, but the saltiness was very uninviting. We sat in the sand for a while and then decided on getting back to the town. That's when it hit me that we might as well just take the bus back to Hyderabad today. I mean, there was no point staying another night, then coming to the same beach. We'd save some money on the room. So we booked our tickets, had dinner and some very nice and different fruit juice. Then whiled our way until our bus arrived. We left Machlipatnam at 11pm and reached Hyderabad at 5am next morning.

It was a nice trip, a small adventure as my good buddy put it. We talked, walked, and balked on a few occasions too. It's nice and I imagine that we'll be visiting the place again.

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