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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes we hurt those we love the most. We don't listen to those who have our best interest at heart. We let our egos govern our actions. We argue, we shout, we accuse, we chastise but we fail to do the one thing that is most important. That is, shut up and listen.

It's frustrating when the one before you fails to see your point of view but its also frustrating later on when you realize you werent seeing their point of view either. It's so easy to be angry and let it all out. Feel the momentary 'pleasure' of letting out your frustrations. But in most cases you end up with regret and that momentary feeling of power and authority vanishes.

Is there a remedy to this? Will we ever find a cure for anger? Isn't anger the disease killing millions around the world today? It's amazing how humanity is working hard to find a cure for cancer/AIDS but we aren't working to find a cure for anger.

Is there even a cure?

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BananaFish said...

Yes there is a cure for anger. Meditation and Breathing are the forerunners. They say writing is great because it gets it out of your system.

having suffered from serious anger management issues myself I've now come up with a way to beat a sudden rush of blood to the head:

1. Breathe - Anger cuts out the supply of O2 to the mind hence that feeling of the blood pounding in your head.
2. Run or Swim: Nothing beats anger like body fatigue. A good workout does a lot to help you clear your mind of cobwebs. and its free so you have no excuse.
3. Watch your mind think: Look at yourself as a mini detective watching your mind's every move, its going to try and make you bite the bait.
4. Hang out with people who are more angry than you: Sometimes seeing a reflection is good learning.
5. Never react at the spur of the moment: A good line is 'let me come back to you in 48 hours'

and if all fails try two sleeping pills and a glass of Jack Daniels

HW said...

Thanks much for the tips.

I don't usually have a major problem with anger. In fact, I'm pretty cool most of the time it's just in those one off cases that I go ballistic and I'm just not myself.

I like point 5 the most. It requires a lot of self control but mastering it may be one of the best ways to control anger.

However, a cure is still lacking I'd say. Imagine taking a pill and *poof* you can never get angry again. No matter how hard you'd try.

The guy that'd discover that will be filthy rich I'm sure.

Thanks for stopping by.

Afrin said...

I've been fighting a lot of compulsions recently. Not anger. But... doing things without thinking, etc.

One way, and a good one, to defeat it is by slowly becoming more aware and conscious to how you react to everything. And then changing from 'reacting' to 'responding.' Dunno if it makes sense...