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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We had a long diwali weekend here at Google (yes, I work there) and in grand anticipation we planned a day trip to Nagarjuna Sagar again. This time we decided that it be on a much larger scale than our last trip.

So this time it was a whopping five families, which came to approximately 30 people of all shapes and sizes. Dare I mention that the word chaos was thrown around quite often. The naive little idealist in me thought that this trip would pan out well and everyone would have a great time. While thankfully the latter did happen, the former left much to be desired from.

People and all their nakhras are hard to handle. Period. From convincing my own family members to come along, to calling others a zillion times to know if they're coming:

Us: 'Are you coming'
Them: 'Sure!'
Us (thinking that was easy): 'Great! We're leaving on Sunday then.'

A little while later

Them (with guilt that kids are not studying): 'Our little chintoo isn't studying too hard, so we don't want him to miss his Sunday class, so we won't make it'
Us (still figuring what happened): 'Umm.. sure if he has to go, he has to go.'

Next scene: Chintoo is riding beside me on the bus to Sagar.

So anyways, with the pooling of resources and the vestiges of our sanity erased, we tarried forth. The trip was fun overall, we had a fun ride, breakfast on the way, a bit of throwing rocks in the water, a tasty meal of fried fish and khatti daal, (I ate like a pig), then headed to the falls where we played for about an hour and then headed for home.

A few observations:

- The intensity of the fall was much greater. Points that were accessible the last time we went were off limits. The sheer pressure of the water kept pushing us away.
- I keep injuring myself in the same foot that leaves me limping for a few weeks
- Never insist on family (read the ladies) coming on day trips. It's either them or the schedule.
- Push your estimates by 2 to 3 hours always. For ex. we thought we'd reach home by 10 in the night, ended up reaching at 12:30.
- It's nice to have these group trips once a century. We've covered the 21st.


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