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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Read and then think about this when wasting your next meal.
This isn't some country in Africa my friends...
This is a very real issue we face today..

People living in cities feel they are safe
or isolated from these problems..
But remember that all things come full circle...
If these people aren't taken care of
they will come to your city and become criminals
Thieves, murderers, rapists, dacoits...

However, the first India State Hunger Index (Ishi) this year found that Madhya Pradesh had the most severe level of hunger in India, comparable to Chad and Ethiopia.Even federal health surveys show that 60% of children under the age of six in the state are malnourished - more than 12% of these severely so.The Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, which rules the state, does not mention the issue in its manifesto.The opposition Congress party takes note of it and promises to make Madhya Pradesh a "malnourishment-free" state if voted into power.
BBC NEWS | South Asia | Ignoring India's 'republic of hunger'

The truth is, none of these governments care..
if the Congress cared, why hasn't India been hunger-free when they ruled...
It is time for concerned citizens to take this issue up...
To support organizations that work for these causes...

Please do not subject humans
to the harsh laws of Darwinism..
Compassion is a trait.. even animals possess...
Please show compassion.. find a way to help

Sponsor a poor child.. feed a hungry family..
Find organizations supporting these people..
And work with them..
It really isn't impossible to feed people..

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