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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If you're an avid war nerd reader, you might ask the question, 'Who is the war nerd?' Is Gary Brecher a real person. Well, I have conclusive proof that the War Nerd is non other than John Dolan. Wanna know how?

Check the following screenshot (Click to enlarge)

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just used a crap service from Ebay called price book [] They'll charge you 3 rupees per SMS for most carriers to tell you what the expected market price for your car is.

So I tried it for my car. Its an alto lxi, 2006 model.

First, you can't use it to search for lxi directly.. atleast the site doesn't give you instructions upfront. So you have to simply send alto.. and you'll get the price for the lx.. and then send another SMS for the lxi. That's 6 rupees to get the price.

Isn't exactly making me poor, but the fail part is where it says the lxi is cheaper than the lx.. which is pure, simple, unadulterated shit. Anyone who's bought this car or claims to be an expert in this field knows that the lxi is a more advanced model.

So.. to save you some money and effort.. simply go to and check out the prices for used cars. It's free and seemingly more accurate.

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