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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Of the many things that irritate (or freak) me out in life, cockroaches are right there at the top. I hate them. Period. The sight of them. The way they walk. The way they run. Especially the way they fly. I consider my self a flygingcockroachophobic. Just the sight of them getting ready to fly can make me go ballistic. I've also noticed that they come right at you once they're airborne.

Now for the life of me I've never figured an effective way to kill one. I mean.. sure there are dozens of ways to kill a roach but I never really was satisfied.

Baygon/Hit: Leaves a bad after-smell and hazardous too
Something like chalk: You a draw a line with one of these and if a roach passes over one of these, they're supposed to be dead. Yeah.. never could figure this one out.
Chappal: One of the more effective ways of killing one, except you have to be really fast and there is very good chance it'll slip under the TV stand/washing machine/corner table.

However, I have now discovered a way which'll help you kill a cockroach without the need to run after them and without the need to use poison. However, as everything else in life, it isn't perfect. This method is only effective in the toilet. Here's how the sequence of events will play out in an ideal situation.

1. You spot cockroach.
2. Hopefully cockroach is unaware and completely at ease (you can always tell)
3. You head for the nearest water source with which you can splash the roach, like a health shower/or plain old mug
4. You throw/spray large quantities of water in its direction.
5. Cockroach falls down and can't run very fast because of wet floor. In fact they should just be hitting their creepy feet very hard but not going very far.
6. You grab your chappal and bludgeon the mean little fucker.

There, you have yourself a dead roach with very little running around and an excuse to clean the toilet.

You're welcome!

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