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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Given the current circumstances, the solution to the Kashmir issue has to be a joint one. No single party can hope to 'resolve' this problem unilaterally. Here's how the problem can be solved:

  • Combine POK and Indian administered Kashmir in to one entity
  • Give it some sort of legal status that makes it neither independant, nor a part of India nor a part of Pakistan. 
  • Conduct elections to form a broad-based government
  • Have a third-party monitor, like the UN, oversee the process. Keep America out.
  • Have assurances from both sides that they will not resort to violence on civilians/armed forces/police
  • Have a mixed force of Indian and Pakistani soldiers ensure security
  • Set up a mechanism where violators will face stern action
These are some tough steps that need a lot of trust and understanding for success to be possible. But the results will show. Economic development, increased tourism, de-escalation of violence and the threat of war, a lesser resource strain for India and Pakistan, political participation for the Kashmiri people, build-up of trust between the two nations, to name a few

But without some sort of mutual redressal system, Kashmir will just be a resource drain for India and Pakistan.

And more dangerously, a certain cause for a future war that will not be like any war we've fought before. 

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