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Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday was an eventful day indeed. We were heading over to our cousins place for a game of monopoly. We're really avid fans and we have an orkut community, with a full 12 members! Anyhow that's besides the point.

On our way to Masab Tank, near the Mehdipatnam military area, I saw a strange airplane-like craft flying haphazzardly. It moved up and down, side to side, nothing like any other flying craft I've seen before. And it had red blinking lights. When I mentioned it, my bro responded with equal enthusiasm. We'd both noticed it seperately and then kept watching, as it still moved awkwardly. 

I only wish I had stopped the car and watched for longer, but at that moment it just didn't strike me. We kept on driving until we reached our destination. It surely was a strange experience. I'm almost convinced that what I saw a UFO. 

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HW said...

I just read through that article. But what we saw was at night time, and it definitely was no balloon.