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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yesterday Evening as I was returning home from work in our cab, something really strange happened. Our cab driver was possessed by Michael Schumacher's spirit. Now he's racing down the road at scandalous speeds and before you can say 'Anta scene ledu' a dog comes smack in front of our cab. We hit the dog and hear it howling. We're all pretty worried now. We just killed a dog. What the hell was this cab guy thinking?

Since I was sitting in the rear seat, I looked back and noticed (to my relief) the dog running away from the road. And for good measure. It almost bit the dust. That was a relief. But if you think the worst isn't over yet, here's the killer. I turn around and tell the cab guy to be careful. Today it's a dog. Tomorrow it could be a Human Being. He says, and I quote 'Mai horn mara saab'

Now my jaw drops to the ground. This guy expects the dog to understand road etiquettes and move away when he toots his horn. Speaking of road etiquette, I think the cabby and the dog have something in common here. Total lack of road sense. Only one of them can be excused.

Anyhow, these cab guys are the new menace. I think they're working full force to dethrone our erstwhile auto wallas. God help the poor pedestrian who happens to come in their way. So the next time you're crossing the road, please be sure that there isn't a cab within a kilometer radius. And since that's become impossible, don't cross the road unless your life depends on it.

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Fighter Jet said...

Very nice article.Such a serious topic dealt in such humorous way.....keep the good job.

HW said...