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Friday, September 14, 2007

I hope the Ganesh festival passes off smoothly. They're calling in cops from the neighboring towns for extra security. This is also Ramazan time in Hyderabad. We're a food crazy city. We love to eat. And what's become synonymous with this time is Haleem. I am tempted to taste it at all the different hotels, but I can't because I'm on a lousy diet :(

Word of caution though. I've heard a lot of negative stuff about the hygiene standards at these Haleem joints. When I say hygiene, I don't mean Geneva, Switzerland standards. It's bad even by Hyderabadi standards. And when something is that bad, it's worth being careful about. Apparently, the huge deghs (pots in which haleem is cooked) aren't cleaned properly. And when you clean them using water, you can't drain the water. You can only remove it using a sponge. This means that inevitably, some water remains in the degh. That's disgusting!

Anyhow, I don't this post is going to discourage you from eating 'hotel ki haleem' anyway. (How else would you be a true Hyderabadi) All I can say is, 'Enjoy!' And I hope your insides don't feel like they need to take a vacation.

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