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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I don't know if I should be feeling sad, angry, or just say it was bound to happen. Sloppy work has become the hallmark of whoever is in charge. I just hope these guys can be more tempered and respect rules as they carry on with the construction work. Talking about flyovers, have you noticed that the roads are getting messier. I mean, you cant take a decent drive down Jubilee Hills without having to navigate a few very dangerous pot holes. Who's looking after the roads any way.

Open man hole covers are another threat. Too many people have died or almost died for us to not do something about this. I guess its because of the monsoon. But if you're going to tout Hyderabad as the next Singapore and all that jazz, then this isn't the way to go.

Is there something we can do to change this? Activism maybe? Or citizen and locality groups. Small bands of people from localities coming together to address their civic issues. Sadly, that's what municipalities are supposed to be doing. But like everything else, I think things are moving in the direction of self managed colonies and away from dependence on the government and municipal staff.

Which brings me to another interesting question. Do we really need a government? I mean their main job is to take care of the people and solve their problems. But these guys seem to be doing the opposite. How about city councils, where the educated city folk come forward and deal with the problems of the city as one collective brain. What do you think?

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