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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hyderabad's been seeing some really nice weather off late. The cloud cover was so dense and low it seemed like you could touch it. I took this picture using my phone on my way back from work.

Also, today, me and good buddy MMA will be heading off to Machlipatnam. The planning (or execution) of this trip hasn't been smooth so far. We were gonna leave last weekend but had to change plans due to an emergency.

Yesterday, I sat down to book our tickets and went to the shitty railways website. I'm told I should be thankful there even is a website. Duh in the 21st century. Anyhow, I managed to book our tickets from Hyderabad to Machlipatnam. And I had to keep logging in and keep searching repeatedly to do this.

Then, while trying to book our return tickets the website acted up. And conveniently so for the stupid railways dept I might add. Because they took the money out of my bank account but never issued a ticket. A few panic filled moments and phone calls later, I was informed that the tickets never got booked and I should expect an automatic refund, which seems oxy'moronic' when it comes to the railways where everything is achieved with copious amounts of drudgery.

So we've decided we'll just take a bus to return. Here's to hoping the trip is worth it and I get the refund.

Last, I wanted to talk about the Turkey-Germany game. It was a fun match to watch with 5 goals scored in total. However, Turkey lost. Though I like a lot of things about Turkey, never really was a fan of their team until I saw their game against Croatia. Just that I always like to support the underdog. It makes the match more fun to watch. Never the less, Turkey lost, though they were the first one's to score. I would have dozed off, but the Red Bull seemed to have done its magic.

So that's that. I hope to write about my Machlipatnam trip next.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how your trip to machlipatnam turned out. It sure seems to have had an ominous start.

Curious Interloper

HW said...

Yea. and there's more to come. Stay tuned!