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Sunday, June 1, 2008

I must begin by saying I'm really bummed out that Deccan Chargers couldn't make it to the semis. I hoped in vain that Afridi would fire in at least one game but he was a lost investment.

Now with two very one-sided games in the semis, the final is upon us. I've always said that Chennai would make it to the final. People were in doubt because they forgot that half way through the tournament, Chennai was the only undefeated side. But their second half wasn't that successful.

You'd expect that Delhi and Punjab would give us a powerful performance, given they worked really hard to make it to the semis. But their class never exceeded that of the local galli team that plays in my neighborhood.

So we now have the finals, with Rajasthan who go in as the clear favorites. But Chennai is always out to surprise. Besides, he's proven beyond doubt that he's more worthy of the captaincy of the National side when compared to Yuvraj, who was thoroughly outplayed.

So how's it gonna be? Will Rajasthan just charge through, with their unstoppable momentum, or will we have another semis-style one-sided game where the Chennai Super Kings have the Rajasthan Royals for dinner?

Time will tell, but I'm sure damn looking forward to it. If only the stupid organizers had scheduled the match in the afternoon instead of the evening so I wouldn't have to stay up late on a Sunday.

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