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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a game it was yesterday (or today considering we stayed up till 3am). It was an awesome contest from the beginning with Russia dominating the game. Very impressive especially when it was against the Netherlands, who beat the likes of Italy and France to qualify.

I won't include a review of the game, which can be had here. However, I did want to mention that if there's something more fun than watching a good game, it's watching a good game with friends/family. In this case, it was all of my cousins.

When they arrived, I insisted that everyone pick sides to make the game more interesting. We were 6 people with 3 people supporting a team each. However, in the end, two of them conveniently levitated to the Russian side (which was us). Except for one cousin, who was distraught even at breakfast time because the Dutch lost. Everyone else had a terrific time and enjoyed a wonderful game.

Russia look set to impress. They're peaking at just the right time.

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