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Friday, June 13, 2008

Went to Nagarjuna sagar last weekend. The trip was fun and lively from the get go. We went by car and FD was driving. Me, my siblings, and good mate MMA were enjoying the scenery. I must admit, it was a bit cramped in our little Alto, but the scenery and road made up for it.

I'm pleased to say that even though the roads in the city are quite shitty, (wow, that actually rhymes!) The highway was a different story. Except for a few 'Stunt master 2000' moments thanks to FD, the ride was pretty smooth.

At Nagarjuna Sagar, there was a relative of ours who insisted that we drop by before embarking on any further adventures. We were treated to a sumptuous breakfast, and we ate our fill, though we'd already eaten at Ibrahimpatnam.

Their place had a splendid view and was right by the lake. A true lakeview home, if there ever was one. We went and played in the water for a while, but just saved ourselves from the temptation of a full dip as there was more to come.

We then headed towards the waterfalls, whose name rhymes with Ethiopia. There we paid 15 bucks per person to go in, only to find out that we get a crummy view of the waterfall, when we could be experiencing the real thing for free!

We promptly exited rip-off place a.k.a known as AP tourism structure and went for a short trek to the falls. The heat wasn't helping, as we were tired and sweating by the time we got to the falls, which made the water even more tempting. We changed quickly and went slowly in to the water, slipping and hurting ourselves a few times. I think almost everyone fell once except FD who got in and got out real quick.

We played in the water for 2 and half hours.

It was fun.

We then got out, changed, headed back to our relatives place. Had a delicious lunch. Rested for a while. Then to took the long drive back to Hyderabad. I loved the road so I insisted on driving on the way back. I enjoyed every moment of it. We were back in Hyderabad by evening time. We dropped off MMA and went straight to home. Had ourselves a nice dinner and hit the sack.

A Saturday well spent. The coming week it'll be Machlipatnam. Stay tuned for my post on that one.

P.S: MMA was freaking out because he thought he'd lost his phone. We managed to find it only after coming back to Hyderabad. Talk about a tension filled return trip. And don't even ask where it managed to hide itself.

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